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Abbrevia: Int. J. Bus. Financ. Econ. Res.

Language: English

ISSN: ISSN 2315-6210

DOI: 10.14412/IJBFER






Dr. Izaidin Abdul Majid

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia.


Dr. Hanadi Mubarak AL-Mubaraki

Kuwait University, Kuwait.


Dr. Bibhu Kar

Indian School of Business,



Dr. Tariq H. Ismail

Cairo University, Egypt


Dr. Adrei Vernikov
Banking Department, 
Higher School of Economics 
Moscow 125057, 


Dr. Muhammad Asif

University of Twente, the



Dr. Hussien H. Komicha

Entrepreneurship, Training and

Trade, Government of Manitoba,



Dr. Hasan Fauzi

Indonesian Center for Social and

Environmental Accounting Research,



Dr. Leonorah Tendayi Nyaruwata

University of Pretoria South Africa.


Dr. Odhiambo Odera

University of Southern

Queensland, Australia.


Dr. Valdir de Jesus Lameira

INESC Coimbra, Portugal.


Dr. Hasan Fauzi

Indonesian Center for Social

and Environmental Accounting

Research, Indonesia.


Dr. Abdul Jalil
Wuhan University,
Economics and Management

School, Wuhan,Hubei, 
PR China.








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