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The impact factor (IF) normally is calculated by Thomson Reuters based on the Web of Science (WOS). However, Google Scholar now provides an alternative Google-based impact factor. Google Scholar is the only openly available database suitable for journal metric calculation. It has a wide coverage and is a meaningful source. For this reason, Science Park Journals is calculating its own Impact Factor by applying Thomson Reuters'(TR) algorithm based on Google Scholar’s citation counts

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Scientific Research and Impact (SRI)

Journal of Agricultural Research and Natural Resources (JARNR)

Science Park Journal of Applied Microbiology Research (SPJAMR)

Science Park Journal of Applied Biotechnology Research (SPJABR)

International Journal of Business Finance and Economical Research (IJBFER)

Journal of Education and Essays (JEE)

International Research Journal of Accounting and Taxation (IRJAT)


International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Impact (IJHSSI)

International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research (IJPPR)


Journal of Structural Engineering and Architectural Technology (JSEAT)


International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering Review (IJPGR)


International Journal of Medical and Surgical Research (IJMSR)

International Journal Marketing Management and Management Sciences (IJMMMS)

International Journal of Music and Dance (IJMD)

International Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management (IJSSEM)

International Journal of Nursing Education (IJNE)

International Journal of Law, legal studies (IJLLS)


International Journal of History and Culture Review (IJHCR)


International Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research (IJPAPR)

Journal of Peace and Development Studies (JPDS)



International Journal of Media and Communication Studies

International Journal of Political Science and International Relations (IJPSIR)



                                       Thomson Reuters'(TR)  Impact Factor 1.735