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Acting Editor- in- Chief

Prof. Dr. Gehad Mohamed Saleh

Professor of Geology Director, Geology

Department, Faculty of Science, Damietta

University, New Damietta City, Egypt.




Dr. Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari

Department of Civil Engineering

Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch

Islamic Azad University

University Blvd Arqavanieh, Jey Street, Isfahan, Iran


Prof Baleseng Moseki,

Associate Professor Dept of Biological Sciences,

University of Botswana.


Jiban Shrestha
Scientist (Plant Breeding & Genetics)
Nepal Agricultural Research Council,
National Maize Research Program, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics)  Senior Scientist , Room No. – 8, I. T. Centre, Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research(CIMFR),
Barwa Road, Dhanbad, Jharkhand – 826 015, INDIA

Dr. Rajeev Vats, Ph.D.

School of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics The University of Dodoma, Dodoma Tanzania (East Africa)


Prof. Idress Hamad Attitalla.

Omar Al-Mukhtar University Faculty of Science  Botany Department A-Bayda, Libya.


Dr. Binod Kumar (Associate Professor)
MCA Dept Maharastra Academy  of Engineering, Pune, Indian.


Xian Zhang

      Ph.D. in Computer Science,

     Tsinghua University, Beijing,


Prof.Wael Abdel Kawy

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.


Prof Fabricio Moraes de Almeida Regional Development and

Environment at the Federal University  of Rondonia Brazil.


Dr. Muhammed Babakir-Mina
Ph.D in medical microbiology and immunology. Director for higher education and scientific affairs Slemani Polytechnic University
Al-Sulaimaniyah Iraqi Kurdistan.

Dr. Prashant Dolia Ph.D
(Computer Science), M.C.A., B.Sc(Physics) Asst. Professor
Department of Computer  Science & Applications Gaurishankar Lake Road,
Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar.

Ashish Runthala,
M.Sc, M.E., Ph.D                    
Bioinformatics Cell, Biological Sciences Department, Faculty Division III,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science,
Pilani, Rajasthan) India

Mohammad Mehdi Sanaatiyan
engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Control and System Design Engineering
21 Modarres Str., 11th Ave.,PourBozorg Ave.,Babol,Mazandaran,Iran.

Dr. Montaser F. Abdel-Monaim
Researcher of Plant Pathology, Plant Pathology Research Institute.

Dr. Milan Kubiatko
Educational Research Centre, Masaryk University,
Brno, Czech Republic.

Prof. Idress Hamad Attitalla.

Omar Al-Mukhtar University Faculty of Science

Botany DepartmentA-Bayda, Libya.

Dr. Binod Kumar. (Associate Professor)
MCA Dept Maharastra Academy of Enegineering,

Dr. TC Manjunath
Head of Institution, HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka,India.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain
Dept. of Computer Science Engineering Sri Sai Madhavi Institute of Science Technology, Rajahmundry

Dr. Ashish Chauhan
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)
Sector 67, Phase 10, S.A.S Nagar, Mohali, Punjab 160 062, India.

Dr. Godfred A. Menezes
Department of Microbiology/ Central Research Laboratory, Sree Balaji Medical College Hospital, Chennai- 600 044, Tamil Nadu, India.


Dr. Mohammad Shahnawaz Khan
Department of Chemistry, J. K. Lakshmipat University, Jaipur- 302026, India

Ming Yue, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology, The University of Chicago
5841 S. Maryland Ave. SBRI J-541 (MC1089) Chicago, IL 60637, United States

Dr. M.V. Reddy
Solid State Ionics/Advanced Batteries Lab Faculty of Science
National University of Singapore Singapore 117542

Muktish Acharyya
Department of Physics, Presidency University,
86/1, College Street,Calcutta-700 073, India

Bhupendra Gopalbhai
Associate Professor,  S.K.Patel College of Pharma.
Edu. and Research, Ganpat  University, Mehsana

Muhammad Akram
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Eastern Medicine and Surgery,
University of Poonch, Rawalakot, A zad Jamu and Kashmir

Dr. Anshu Sharma
M.Pharm., PhD Lecturer, B.N. College of Pharmacy,
Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001 India

Head, Department of  P.G.  Studies & Research in Chemistry and Pharmacy,
R. D. University, Jabalpur, M. P india.

Dr. Montaser F. Abdel-Monaim
Researcher of Plant Pathology, Plant Pathology Research Institute,
Agric. Res. Center, Egypt

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karpagam Institute of Technology, Coimbatore - 641105, Tamilnadu, India.


Sumit Goyal

Senior Research Fellow (SRF) at National Dairy Research Institute

(Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Karnal, India.


Dr. Rajeev Vats, Ph.D.

School of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics The University of Dodoma, Dodoma

Tanzania (East Africa)


DR. Xian Zhang

      Ph.D. in Computer Science,

     Tsinghua University, Beijing,



Bajpai Parmendra Kumar

Department of Pure & Applied Physics Dean-School of Physical Science

Officer of Special Duty Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

(A Central University) Bilaspur (C.G.) India 495 009

Amir- Samimi

corrosion in oil and gas industry, Enviorment Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Young Researchers and elit  club, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad
University, Tehran, Iran.


Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid, 

Associate Professor Department of Chemistry and Physics,

Faculty of Sciences, Abou Bekr Belkaid  University of Tlemcen, P.O. Box 119,

Chetouane, 13000 Tlemcen, Algeria.


Vali Khalkhali

Assistant Professor at Educational PsychologyDepartment of Psychology,

Malayer Branch, Islamic Azad University, Malayer, IRAN.


Dr Wesley Dáttilo

Researcher of Plant-Animal Interactions and Tropical Ecology Universidad Veracruzana Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.


Dr. Mezyad Alterkawi

King Saud University P.O .Box 57448 Riyadh 11574  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Kittisak Jermsittiparsert, Ph.D

Academic Committee, The Political Science  Association of Kasetsart University (PSAKU) Baanchaleang Building 25/3 Soi.Paholyothin 44,

Paholyothin Road, Senanikom, Chatuchak,  Bangkok 10900, THAILAND.

Dr. Vishal Gupta
Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology (An Autonomous College of Govt. of Uttarakhand) Dwarahat,  Almora - 263 653 Uttarakhand, INDIA.

Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain

Asst. Professor
CoE-CRT, Civil Engineering Department
College of Engineering King Saud University
PO Box 800, Riyadh, 11421, Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Daoud Ali

Assistant Professor Department of Zoology Faculty of Science

King Saud University BOX 2455 Riyadh 11451, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 Dr. Mohammad Valipour

Department Agricultural Engineering-Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, College of Abureyhan, University of Tehran, Iran.


Dr. Deepak Singh Bais

Physician & Researcher M.B.B.S.,  M.J.S.I.M. (Japan)
Tongji Medical College, Hankong Road No. 13, Wuhan, China. 430030.






Prof.Wael Abdel Kawy

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.


Dr. Farhad Mirzaei,

Livestock production & Management, National Dairy Research Institute(N.D.R.I.)

Deemed University,Karnal,132001,India.

Dr. Adeleke Fayomi

Department Animal  Science/C.A.A.S/ A. B. U Kaduna Nigeria.


Dr Masood-ul-Hassan Javed, PhD

Professor of Physiology Sulaiman Al Rajhi University Medical College

PO Box 777, Bukaryiah 51941, KSA.

Dr. Amin Mousavi Khaneghah

Department of Food Engineering, Middle East Technical University,

Ankara, Turkey.

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Dehghani

Associate Professor (Ph.D) Tehran University of Medical Sciences,

School of Public Health, Dept. of Environmental  Health Engineering, Tehran, I.R.Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Valipour

Department of Irrigation and Drainage, College of Abureyhan, University of Tehran,

Pakdasht, Iran.


Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

Department of Industrial Management, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University,

Tabriz, Iran.


Dr. Baybars Ali Fil

Ataturk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, 25240, Erzurum-TURKEY.


Mohammad Reza Iravani,

Assistant Professor, Department of Social work,

Azad University of Khomeinishahr, Islamic Azad University,

Khomeinishahr branch,Khomeinishahr, Esfahan, Iran


Dr. Miao Cui MD.

Sr. Associate Researcher, Department of Pathology cahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) The Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC)

One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1122 New York, NY 10029.

Editor and editorial board members do not receive any remuneration. These positions are voluntary

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